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Valves with no horsepower limit, manufactured with high technology for motorsport cars.

Forget all metal coating options. Here is the KGA-R5000 Valve Series. Thanks to its outer shell that can withstand instant 5000 degrees Celsius, the heat transfer reflected to the core of the material is very low. This coating technique, which has been developed by PPR motorsport for two years, also strengthens the material monocular structure during the coating process. The product has no horsepower limit, with a 16,800 rpm rev limit.
All patent rights belong to ppr motorsport.

Valve material:Vanadium-Zirconium-Molybdenum(PPR motorsport patented)

Coating:KGA-R5000(PPR motorsport patented)

Custom for each valve: 158 Usd


Formula 1 Engine Valve
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