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K-Series Track&Street Race Head (KAN-390)

About Kan-390:

R&D start 2016. First manufacturing since 2019.

Our Kan-390 head is not produced by reverse engineering, so it is not simply a large port head. if you attention to the intake and exhaust ports, it is clear that it has nothing to do with the original k-series head. The K-series oem head when designing fabrication it was designed to be used in many areas because this vehicle was suitable for daily drive use to.


What improvements we made to our head.

-Friction port surface below 1 percent we get with special cnc cutting.

-High port slope angle.

-Port injector channel special designed to improve air and fuel mixture.

-Exhaust port design with turbulence rate close to zero at high and low rpm.

-Improved oil channels (at 900 rpm plus 0.3 psi )
-Improved oil recycling channels.

-Different valve angles designed to prevent at high lift valve to valve hit problem.


  • K-series PRB style
  • CNC Ported/Machined finish port
  • 6068 Rolled type t6 head material

  • Formula technology port design

  • Hand blended finish work (your choice)

  • 50,5-49-48 cc Comp. Chamber choices

  • Intake over 440 cfm

  • Exhaust over 320cfm 

  • 4-angle Valve job

  • Heads are ultra Sonic cleaned prior to assembly

  • Machined PPR logo

  • 37mm Nimonic Intake Valves (with 37mm 448cfm)

  • 31mm Nimonic Exhaust Valves 

  • Forged Bronze alloy intake Valve seats

  • Forged Beryllium alloy exhaust valve seats

  • Bronze alloy guides

  • Performance Valve Springs 90lbs

  • Long life tool steel or titanium retainer

  • Hardened Steel Spring Platforms

Recommended to use;

  • Pro Track race setup.

  • Pro Street race setup.


Total Price:6.980 usd 

Without Everything Core Billet Head Price:5.980 usd

Extra your choices;

  • C.chamber cnc porting and hand finish:Plus+ 650 usd

  • Titanium c. valves:Plus+ 600 usd

  • Titanium valves:Plus+ 1500 usd

  • Valves size selection:Free

For order and questions:

Billet Kseies head
ppr k-series billet
Billet head
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