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The R&D studies, which we started in January 2020, ended in July 2022. Our v8 tfsi manifold, which we put into production in August 2022, is very suitable for setups of 1000 hp and above, but you can even use it in your stock engine. Because the stock manifold has a turbulence rate of almost more than 30% at low and mild rpms, our manifold we developed has a near zero turbulence rate, so even at low rpms, the large manifold turns the disadvantage into an advantage also for in stock engine. you know, the distance between the v8 tfsi engine and the chassis is limited in terms of the position of the intake manifold. Even though this narrow area challenged us, thanks to the flow simulations we made in the computer environment, we overcame this situation and achieved serious values ​​and started prototype production. After producing the prototype, we produced 2 different prototypes after real flow test and engine dyno tests and achieved the best result.

  • Choose from 8 injectors, 16 injectors (Option)
  • 6061T6 forge material
  • Integrated velocity stacks in the runner
  • Each runner flows 710 CFM  28wc H2O
  • 2800 Whp +
  • Engine Dyno proven 105 hp gains over stock intake manifold
  • Fuel Rail (Option)
  • Gasket
Price: 8.990 Euro

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