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These inlet manifolds were designed utilizing over 15 years of experience at the forefront of turbo and n-a. We took all areas of design into account –  which include ram tube length, taper and inlet volume. PPR inlet manifolds and products are precision tig welded by experts in house at our fabricate. These are rated to 100psi at any RPM level you choose.

  • Lightweight and rigid design.

  • Precision CNC machined billet base,7075 series aluminum.

  • 4mm smooth design plenum dome.

  • O-ring Port seal design.

  • Tapered RAM tubed runners.

  • Professionally Tig welded in house by our highly experienced fabricators.

  • Ergonomic appeal.

  • Low profile for maximum hood clearance.

  • Burst panel with adapter plate for boosted builds.

  • Itb trumpet design.

  • Large plenum volume.

  • Proper runner taper.

  • For order and all

Nissan Patrol Tb48 semi billet intake manifold.
Tb48 Billet intake manifold
Nissan patrol intake manifold
Tb48 billet intake
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