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Honda-K Series

Ultimate series cnc head (LONG LIFE USE)


  • CNC Ported/Machined finish port

  • New Castings

  • Hand blended finish work

  • Intake 0.65 ınch %42 cfm increased flow

  • Exhaust  %34 cfm increased flow

  • 4-angle Valve job

  • Valves are lapped

  • Heads are Ultra Sonic cleaned prior to assembly

  • Machined PPR logo

  • 38mm Nimonic Intake Valves 

  • +1mm Nimonic Exhaust Valves 

  • 8 ıntake,8 ex. oversize valve seat(s.steel slicon alloy)

  • Special bronze alloy valve guides

  • Performance Valve Springs 110 lbs

  • Long life tool steel or titanium retainer

  • Hardened Steel Spring Platforms


Recommended to use;

  • Drag race setup.

  • Professionnel track race setup.


Prices:2900 usd

Extra your choices;

  • C.chamber cnc porting and hand finish:Plus+ 200 usd

  • Titanium c. valves:Plus+ 200 usd

  • Titanium valves:Plus+ 500 usd

  • Valves size selection:Free

For order and 

K series dyno record
K27 Cnc head
K20 cnc porting
K24 dyno result
88x99mm K24 setup with PPR Ultimate cnc head 441Whp
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