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Fk2&Fk8 Civic Typer Cnc Head

fk2 fk8 cnc porting
fk8 typer
k20c1 cnc porting
k20c1 cnc head
Fk8 typer cnc head
fk2 fk8 typer intake manifold

Ultimate series cnc head (LONG LIFE USE)


R&D Time 6.5 Month

  • CNC Ported/Machined finish port

  • Hand blended finish work

  • Intake %41 cfm increased flow

  • Exhaust %29 cfm increased flow

  • 4-angle Valve job

  • Valves are lapped

  • Heads are Ultra Sonic cleaned prior to assembly

  • Machined PPR logo

  • +1mm Nimonic Intake Valves 

  • +1mm Nimonic Exhaust Valves 

  • 8 ıntake,8 ex. oversize valve seat(s.steel slicon alloy)

  • Special bronze alloy valve guides

  • Performance Valve Springs 95 lbs

  • Long life tool steel or titanium retainer

  • Hardened Steel Spring Platforms


Recommended to use;

  • Drag race setup.

  • Professionnel track race setup.


Prices:2900 usd

Extra your choices;

  • C.chamber cnc porting and hand finish:Plus+ 200 usd

  • Titanium c. valves:Plus+ 200 usd

  • Titanium valves:Plus+ 500 usd

  • Valves size selection:Free

For order and questions: 

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