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PPR motorsport has expanded and diversified its business in recent years. PPR motorsport Advanced Engineering provides world class technical innovation, engineering, testing, and manufacturing services to a diverse customer base and utilises cutting edge technology and know-how honed by the PPR motorsport

PPR motorsport Advanced Engineering specialises in the commercial application of advanced lightweight materials, engine parts, billet block and billet heads competitive for professional race teams. The team has specialist experience in offering improved systems solutions, ultimate race engine parts and holistic integration capability, all within accelerated development timeframes.

The company's comprehensive industry knowledge, specialist skills, and highly innovative products and services are helping to improve efficiency, safety, and performance in the motorsport, automotive, transport, and energy sectors.

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PPR Motorsport
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K-series billet block
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Founder of PPR motorsport.

PPR Motorsport was founded by Kaan Güvenir while he was studying in abroad. After completing his education, he moved PPR motorsport to Istanbul, the city where he was born.He implemented his unique ideas that he had designed for years, and more than 90% of these projects, which started with an idea, are sold all over the world as mass production beyond realization.The person he took as an example from his childhood was his uncle İsmail Akbay, a physics engineer who had worked at NASA for many years. When he met with his uncle, he talked about Formula 1 engine technologies that he followed closely and shared his ideasIn those years, the idea of ​​developing a powerful engine started to form in his mind. When we come to today, the engine he developed has passed many tough tests successfully and is used successfully in racing cars.Kaan Güvenir, who continues to develop PPR motorsport with new technologies and inventions every day, also provides technical consultancy to many factory racing teams about engines.

Ismail Akbay
Kaan Güvenir
Kaan Güvenir 
İsmail Akbay
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