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Mitsubishi Evo9 billet head
Mivec billet head
4g63 billet head
Billet 4g63 head

Mitsubishi 4g63 Mivec Billet Cylinder Head NEL-450R

About PPR-Nel-450R:


What improvements we made to our head.

-Friction port surface below 1 percent we get with special cnc cutting.

-High port slope angle.

-Port injector channel special designed to improve air and fuel mixture.

a-Improved oil channels (at 1100 rpm plus 0.3.60 psi )

-Improved oil recycling channels.

-Different valve angles designed to prevent at high lift valve to valve hit problem.




R&D Time 2 Year

  • CNC Ported/Machined finish port

  • 6068 Rolled type t6 head material

  • Formula technology port design

  • Hand blended finish work (your choice)

  • 4-angle Valve job

  • Heads are ultra Sonic cleaned prior to assembly

  • Machined PPR logo

  • 36 Nimonic Intake Valves 

  • 31mm Nimonic Exhaust Valves 

  • Forged Bronze alloy intake Valve seats

  • Forged Beryllium alloy exhaust valve seats

  • Bronze alloy guides

  • Performance Valve Springs 105 lbs

  • Long life tool steel or titanium retainer

  • Hardened Steel Spring Platforms

Recommended to use;

  • Drag race setup.

  • Track race setup.

Total Price:6.800 usd 

Without Everything Core Billet Head Price:4.980usd

Extra your choices;

  • C.chamber cnc porting and hand finish:Plus+ 650 usd

  • Custom c.chamber choices Plus+ 800 usd

  • Titanium c. valves:Plus+ 600 usd

  • Titanium valves:Plus+ 1500 usd

  • Valves size selection:Free

For order and

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